Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching 

Individualized Wellness Programs 
​​Learn to Quite the Mind
Increase Mental Strength & Focus
Decrease Fear, Worry & Anxiety
​Increase Energy Levels
Feel Good in Your Body 
Increase Strength & Flexibility
Connect with Your Inner Spirit
Act with Awareness
Master the Art of Living 


Body  ​​​​​​


Your mind, body and spirt are innately connected.  These aspects of yourself are in constant communication; interacting and influencing your health and ultimately your quality of life.  A Holistic approach to wellness supports these vital areas of your life and will assist you in finding and sustaining balance.  Creating an internal state of balance will bring you into balance with your external world: Relationships, Career and Nature. 

What to Expect 

Each coaching program is an individual plan created just for you! The start of your program will be based upon our initial consultation, but as we continue to work together your program will be updated based on your unique progression and personal interests. Coaching will include:

Physical Fitness Program
Mindful Movement Practices
Stress Reduction Techniques
Mindfulness Training
Ayurveda Lifestyle Regimen 
Ayurvedic Nutrition 
Herbal Recommendations
Ayurveda, Yoga & Holistic Health Education

Inner Exploration and Self Discovery
Nature Based Practices

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