A Little Help Goes a Long Ways

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Private Yoga Sessions:
  • Beginners Looking for Extra Support
  • Intermediate Practitioners Looking to Advance
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Cross Training
  • Meditation and Relaxation Practices
  • Philosophical Study
  • Physical and Energetic Anatomy Study
Some Yoga poses are like a puzzle; you need all the right pieces in the right places to make it possible.  

Learn proper body mechanics and get rid of the fear of doing something 'wrong' in your Yoga practice.  

Yoga is for Every Body; make Yoga work for you.  

Correct muscular imbalances.

Build strength and freedom of movement you never knew existed.  

Learn the more subtle aspects of Yoga.   

Relax.  De-Stress.  Let Go.   

Registered Yoga Teachers will recieve YA approved CECs through private training sessions.