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Ayurveda and Yoga are inseparable sister sciences that both come from a greater source of Vedic knowledge.  Ayurveda is the science and Yoga is the practice.  Yoga is used in Ayurveda as a way to create balance; benefiting body, mind and spirit.  

Some Yoga practices can be invigorating while other practices are  more nuturing. How you approach your Yoga practice along with the style of Yoga you choose should be based upon your current physical and mental state as well as any specific health concerns you may have.   Understanding Ayurveda is important in utilizing Yoga as a powerful therapeutic tool.  

Most people are familiar with Yoga's physical component, the asanas (Yoga postures).  Practicing asanas will bring about many great physical benefits such as muscular balance, strength and flexibility.  If you practice Yoga just for physical benefits, you will not be disappointed.   Practicing Yoga is a fun, low impact form of exercise.  A consistent Yoga practice will transform your body.   You'll learn to create strength and integrity in your joints. You'll also be able to discover a freedom of movement you never thought possible, but as you continue your practice you will also start experiencing the more subtle benefits of Yoga.
On a more subtle level asanas promote internal balance by stimulating your endocrine and energetic systems.  Also while focusing on the breath and correct alignment in the postures your mind becomes more focused and you develop a better ability to concentrate.  Learning to quite your mind and to relax in each posture, your asana practice eventually becomes a moving meditation practice.  By entering into a deep state of relaxation you stimulate your relaxation response, which is the opposite of the body's fight or flight response and counters many of the negative heath risks associated with chronic stress. ​​​​​

As your focus and concentration improves, you create a deeper awareness of the way your body moves and feels.  This awareness eventually translates into other aspects of your life.  You become more aware of your thoughts and emotions.  More aware of who you are and how you express yourself.  This increased awareness lends itself to introspection.  Introspection is the ability to examine your life objectively; analyzing your own patterns of thought and behavior, which is an important skill for personal growth.

Yoga is not political nor based on a specific religion.  Yoga is a tool to develop better physical, mental and emotional health.

There are other ways to develop greater awareness and a more peaceful mental state, so if you're not into Yoga don't despair. Yoga is not the only tool to become physically fit, relaxed or more aware.  As your Ayurveda Practitioner, I will help you discover the tools that will work best for you.

If you are or would like to start practicing Yoga, taking a few private yoga sessions can be very benificial in creating a solid foundation, understanding proper body mechanics, learning alignment principle and finding a style of practice that will be most benifical for your individual needs.  Private sessions include postural assessment and a personalized plan to help bring your body back into blance.  These sessions can also focus on philosophy, energetic anatomy, sanskrit or assist you in going deeper and strengthening your practice.

Private Yoga Sessions

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.
B.K.S. Iyengar